Thursday, March 20, 2008

Self Parody

Michelle Malkin apparently doesn't care how closely she approaches self-parody:

So, the “new” bin Laden tape is threatening a “reckoning” with Europe over the Mohammed Cartoons. The Religion of Perpetual Outrage strikes again:

I challenge anybody to find someone more invested in being perpetually outraged than Ms. Malkin.


  1. Well, her outrage outraged O'Reilly enough to get her canned, so that's one possibility.

    Two other contenders: James Dobson and Bill Donohue.

  2. Removing Michelle from view on cable, particularly in light of some hints that she may have been on track to get her own show, was a double plus good.

    I could wish for some kind of intellectual honesty test before these demagogues get jobs poisoning the well, but... Not going to happen. I'm glad when one or two get picked off.

  3. I share your wish. I also wish for a test of intellectual acuity before permission to vote. The problem, of course, is the old question: Who will guard the guardians?