Saturday, March 29, 2008

Idiots Trying to Shut Down the LHC

In a Hawaiian court.

James Gillies, head of communications at CERN, said the laboratory as of yet had no comment on the suit. “It’s hard to see how a district court in Hawaii has jurisdiction over an intergovernmental organization in Europe,” Mr. Gillies said.

“There is nothing new to suggest that the L.H.C. is unsafe,” he said, adding that its safety had been confirmed by two reports, with a third on the way, and would be the subject of a discussion during an open house at the lab on April 6.

[Walter L. Wagner] is not mollified. "They’ve got a lot of propaganda saying it’s safe,” he said in an interview, “but basically it’s propaganda.”


  1. Great minds are offended by the same thing, apparently.

  2. This thing needs to be shutdown, it is not worth the risk.

  3. The risk is that they should start to use the brain and study something before giving opinions on nothing. The press has a great responsability in the mess that caused giving wrong informations and causing terror around a beautiful example of human engineering

  4. Brendan.. I'm not offended.. I'm shocked and shuttered to know the level of knowledge of the "normal" people. They can see only horrors and lost all the magics that is in our life. Life is looking the beautiful world that is around us not drinking beer watching a soccer game on tv. Or at least can't be a life that one. I know perhaps I'm offensive but I've been really offended.