Friday, September 10, 2010

So the idea here is...

... that it's wrong to build an Islamic center near human remains?   It's not worth pointing out how insultingly stupid this is, but does this kind of blatant demagoguery appeal to anyone except bigots?  Politics in the U.S just keeps getting nastier and dumber.


  1. Seems like you should add a link to the original source for context. I see that the image is linked to NRO, but that doesn't much help. In fact, at first glance, it almost looks like you're endorsing this image, despite your words above it.

    </my 2¢>

  2. I do take what might be your (subtle) point -- that the red dots lie outside of Teh Mosk's footprint. But it took me a while.

    Could be b/c I am +4.

  3. Also, glad to see you tweeted your blog post.

    In that spirit, may I recommend for automatic-blog-post-to-tweet service? I started using it after noticing @rumproast using it, and I quite like it.

    My feeling is that I have so many RSS feeds that Twitter(-ed links to blog posts) has become my new front page. And I would certainly like yours to appear there.

  4. Thanks Brendan. is going to save me a few steps when I post.

    This is where I found it:

    The idea here seems so patently stupid and offensive to me that I thought framing it with a simple rhetorical question would make my point. I guess I had too light a touch here.

  5. Thanks for the link.

    As to the rest: Again, it is entirely possible that I had fewer (than my usual allotment of half) of my wits about me when I first saw this post.