Monday, March 9, 2009

Kew. Rhone.

I had no idea I'd find this when I went hunting YouTube for a Peter Blegvad (rhymes with egg-bad) video. Peter is a god among rock musicians and is, in my totally not humble opinion among the best lyricists of all time. Kew. Rhone. was a collaboration with John Greaves who wrote the music and Lisa Herman, who had to sing this impossible stuff. Don't try to understand it, just love it for the wacky degree of complexity, the irony, and the overall musical gorgeousness.


  1. Tough to listen to at first -- I was all, "Are they going to change keys and time signatures every five seconds for the whole song?"

    But then it grew on me. Good recommendation.

  2. I remember being mystified by the album when I first heard it. I mean, I was listening to Henry Cow and SlappHappy at the time so I had an idea what these folks were capable of, but this is a just whole different order of business from even what most of the rock avant-garde was doing in the late seventies. The vinyl just seemed to occupy my turntable, it was one of those things I just kept listening to over and over again.