Thursday, November 6, 2008


I've only recent started reading Rick Moran's Right Wing Nut House. I was surprised by several judicious posts and had decided that Moran was somebody I could agreeably disagree with. However, his reaction to Erik's fit of utter lunacy is hardly reassuring. If the Republican party is going to recover, (and that's a goal for which I really do have sympathy) they're going to need to recognize the difference between partisanship and self-parody.


  1. Ahh don't sweat it.. they can pull it off... if they listen to Ross and Reihan...

  2. You're to be commended for your ongoing efforts to treat the Right with respect, to search out the ones worth reading. However, anybody could have told you about Right Wing Nut House.

    By the way, new look to the blog, I see. Nice!

  3. I did have a default opinion of Moran's blog as a not-very-interesting knee-jerk sort of place, based a few glances quite a while ago. I was pretty surprised by a string of posts that offered a much more nuanced view than what I expected. My evolving view is that if he's not quite as bad I initially thought, RWNH ain't quite Eunomia either.