Monday, October 20, 2008

While I'm at it...

At Rick Moran's apparently ironically named Right Wing Nuthouse, a commendably sane post.

Liberalism is the yin to conservatism’s yang. We need each other and can’t make America a better place without the constant tug and pull of conflict between the two ideologies. What in many countries is a source of revolution, our war of ideas with liberalism and theirs with conservatism makes us both better. It forces us to come up with new approaches to solving problems in order to compete in the marketplace of ideas. This is a free market that Obama, no matter what his proclivities, cannot shut down.

To which, I might add, nor could George W. Bush.

I haven't really followed Moran's blogging - I don't know if he always been quite this reasonable, but I'm definitely going to keep reading.

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